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Welcome To Tea Arcade

Tea Arcade was founded in 2024 by a dynamic father-daughter duo with a deep-rooted passion for tea. Our journey began with my father, an inspiring figure who has dedicated over 25 years to the tea industry, and myself, a tea enthusiast and expert in tea tasting and grading.

Driven by the lack of brands prioritizing freshness and quality, I decided to embark on this venture at the age of 20. My expertise in tea tasting and grading ensures that every tea we offer at Tea Arcade meets the highest standards of quality.

As a business rooted in a country known for producing some of the world’s most flavorful teas, we take pride in offering renowned Ceylon teas from Sri Lanka’s main three regions: the high-grown, low-grown, and Uva teas. Our commitment to freshness and excellence means that every cup from Tea Arcade is a testament to our dedication to bringing you the best teas possible.

With Tea

Brewing a better future,

At Tea Arcade, our mission is to bring the finest, freshest, and highest quality Ceylon teas straight to your cup. We are dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and showcasing the rich flavors of authentic Ceylon teas that have been cherished for centuries.

Typically, teas linger on shelves for over 36 months, losing their true flavor and freshness. As a result, tea enthusiasts miss out on the genuine experience. This inspired me to prioritize delivering your favorite teas within weeks, ensuring you enjoy the real essence of Ceylon tea.

We use premium quality teas for our blends, sourced from renowned estates known for their exceptional flavors. As a certified tea taster and grader, I personally blend hundreds of flavors until I find the perfect one. At Tea Arcade, we strive to bring you new, exciting flavors that elevate your tea-drinking experience.

Savoring Tea,

Our Offerings and Estates

At Tea Arcade, we proudly offer a diverse selection of teas categorized into three main types: Black Tea, Wellness Tea, and Flavored Teas. Each category showcases our commitment to quality and the rich heritage of Ceylon tea.

Black Tea

Our black teas are sourced from some of the finest estates in Sri Lanka, offering a variety of grades to suit every preference:

  • BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe)

  • BOPF (Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings)

  • FBOP (Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe)


Wellness Tea

Our wellness teas focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle, featuring Ceylon’s most popular green tea and other beneficial blends:

  • Green Tea: Gun Powder

  • Golden Tips

  • Silver Tips

Flavored Teas

Experience the innovative and delightful flavors of our carefully crafted blends:

  • Honey Tea: BOP with honey

  • Sticky Chai: BOP with Kithul treacle

  • Honeymoon Tea: Green tea with ashwagandha

  • Sticky Chai: Chai with Kithul treacle

  • Fruity Tea: BOP with a fruity twist

Our Tea Estates

We take pride in sourcing our teas from some of the most renowned estates known for their exceptional quality:

  • Waltrim

  • Pedro

  • Stonycliff

  • Bogawanthalawa

  • Vellaioya

  • Uvahighland

  • Kenilworth

Each estate is selected for its unique flavor profile and commitment to excellence, ensuring that every sip from Tea Arcade is a celebration of Ceylon's rich tea heritage.