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Sri Lanka/Ceylon which inherited over 150 year old Tea Industry is world renowned for Black tea.

However the industry has evolved with the advent of new technology and changing tea drinking pattern  to supply some of the sought after teas including CTC, Green, Chai as well as herbal and organic teas. 

We have categorized our Black Tea Collection taking into consideration two main criteria

1. Particle size

2. Region

Delight Range - Teas categorized under this category are with small particle size which produce strong  liquors.

Classic Range - Teas in this range are bigger in particle size which maintains a balance between liquor and color.

Sensation Range - Whole and semi whole leaf teas have been categorized under the sensation range and  they usually gives liquors which are light color and mild in flavor.

Due to its climatic and soil variability the Tea producing area of Sri Lanka has been divided into several planting districts/regions. These regions produce teas with inherited distinct characteristics of  flavors and colors and some of them are most sought after teas in the world.

1. NuwaraEliya Region - Estates comes under this region are situated above 5000ft elevation and  this cool climate help to produce teas with exquisite flavor.

NuwaraEliya teas with Golden color cup and delicate flavor called as Champaign of Ceylon Tea

2. Dimbula Region - Estates situated in the western slopes of the central highland are fall under Dimbula Region. These Estates produce teas which gives refreshingly mellow taste and golden color liquors.

During February and March Dimbula Estates produce seasonal teas with exotic flavors due to concentration of leaf flavors as result of prolonged dry season experienced in the region.

3. Uva Teas - Uva region is a very different tea growing area from the other tea districts of Sri Lanka. Some of the uva region Estates produce world renown Uva quality season teas with a very individual and different quality season.

The dry cool wind coming in from the North/East off the ocean arrives at  July to the middle of August resulting bush sense a state of drying where leaves close-up and the leaf chemicals concentrate into the cells of the leaves. When picked this concentration conveys a very concentrated high balance of flavor brought out in the rolling process.

4.Low Grown Region - The Estatse situated foothills of the south and western slope of central highlands fall under low grown region. These Estates are situated below 2000ft elevation and divided into several sub-districts namely Galle, Matara, Balangoda and Kalutara.

Warm climate coupled with less exploited fertile soil causes the tea-bush to grow rapidly and It produces a long, beautiful leaf that turns intensely black during rolling.

In addition we have included some CTC (cut-tear-curl) teas to our black tea collection expanding the range to our broad customer base. 

CTC teas are strong liquoring teas very well rhyme with fresh milk and sugar that gives perfect morning cuppa. 


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