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About us

Why Tea-Arcade

We select nothing other than the best

We have selected the best tea gardens of the country that produce award winning teas renowned all over the world. These tea gardens always maintain the best agricultural and manufacturing standards and they have been certified  by Rainforest Alliance, Ethical Tea Partnership as well as ISO 14000.

All the ingredients we use for our Macha range have been sourced from our neighborhood since they are grown in the foothills below the Tea Gardens.

Cinnamon that we use for our cinnamon tea and Macha are highest quality cinnamon indigenous to Sr Lanka.

We have the widest range of pure ceylon tea

Sri Lanka produce wide range of teas due to its climatic variability and Ceylon Tea has been catogorized according to the Regions. 

Dimbula, Uva, Nuwaraeliya, and Ruhuna are some of the Tea planting districts which produce quality teas unique to the region it grows.

We have selected the best Estates from these regions enabling connisores all over the world to taste these quality regional teas.

In addition you can buy white tea, ceylon green tea organic tea as well as some herbal infusions as well from our e- market place.

We pick our teas directly from the source

We source our teas directly from the Estates they are grown since we are also established in the foothills not far beyond where our teas are grown.

We have short circuited the normal route of reaching teas to the drinker

Just like any other agricultural product, tea will loose it's aroma, color and flavor with passage of time.

This is why Tea-arcade is committed to preserve the freshness of our tea as our goal is bringing great tea to our valued customers.

We have connected Tea Drinkers with  Tea, eliminating Auctioneers, exporters, importers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

By doing that we have not only managed to save lot of cost involved as overheads and profits among middlemen but cut down the time period by months which usually takes between harvest and cup.

We pay our attention to detail to preserve freshness

In addition we have taken all possible steps to preserve the freshness of our teas at packaging by restricting the quantity included to individual pack and vacuum packaging teas in order to prevent tea is getting contacted with air and moisture.


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